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Disney (Movie) Quotes | PruMano Version
Part (1/?)
Quote: "Some people are worth melting for"  - Olaf the Snowman, Frozen
"And...There! Whew! Now the ones who belong on the top shelves are left..." I was on duty on returning the books to their shelves that day. Now I regret those times I didn't drink my milk, nor took my siesta. I was having a hard time reaching the top shelves, so I started with the ones who belonged to the lower shelves.

With that done, I push the cart forward, worrying how I'm supposed to put the books back. I stop the cart in front of the 'Fiction novels' section. I eye my cart, at least 20 books left, I counted. I pick up one book, and looked at the cover, "Hm, Anne of the Green Gables. Good book, I must say," I say loud enough to echo throughout the library. Although I was not expecting a reply, I practically trembled when I heard footsteps coming closer.

Looking around in the dim light for any sign of life, "W-Who goes there? The library's closed for the day, bastardos! Come back tomorrow!" I yelled to no one. I tried putting the book on the top shelf, even standing on my tippy-toes!

I drop the book when someone grabbed me from behind. I was about to scream in a manly way for help, a hand clamped over my mouth. "Shh," a very much familiar voice coaxed me. I just agreed and nodded. "Good," he replied, and removed his hand from my mouth. He spun me around to face him.
"Hey, sunshine!" he greeted me. "Gilbert..." I growled under my breath. *sigh* It's the stalker... again. I had no idea who he was, all I know is that his name's "Gilbert", he's in his senior year, and he liked following me around. And here he is.

"What is it you want, potato bastard?" I ask him, crossing my arms in front of my chest. He was smiling at me, "I was thinking of walking you home, so I asked your cousin Toni where you were, but he told me he didn't know where you were, so I decided to check the library. Oh, and I bumped into the librarian and asked me to remind you to lock up..." he said in breakneck speed.
"That doesn't answer my question of what you want!" I yell at him. He just tilted his head to the side, a confused expression playing on his face. "What do you mean? Can't I come visit you for no particular reason? And judging by the looks of your cart, you need some help from the awesome me, ja?" he says.

He pushes me aside, and proceeds to replacing the books. I watch him quietly as he worked his way around the library. I follow him to the Sci-Fi section, and - "Oi! That doesn't belong there, you idiot! Learn to read the call numbers, you numbskull!" I tell him, a bit annoyed that he placed the Star Wars Trilogy right beside the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Is he seriously trying to start a war here?

I opted to give him a crash course on how to read the call numbers, and how the books are arranged based on them. "So, you just look for the aisle letters and check the year of publication, then..." "I get it now! Thanks a lot, Lovi!" he told me as he stood up, dusting himself before he continued his task.

As he ran off, I felt my face get hot. Oh shit, don't tell me I'm starting to fall for him? But, I must say. He's what Antonio would call "boyfriend material": he's really sweet, and gentlemanly, and okay, he may not be the brightest, but he sure does kick ass when it comes to math, science and history. I always thought that he and that hot chick he was always with were an item. Turns out, her boyfriend was Gilbert's cousin.

I've finally reached my conclusion: he likes me, much more than I could ever think of a person liking another, and I like him back. And the way he looked for me, and he's been helping me finish my work is a sure sign of that.

Breaking my train of thoughts, he runs back up to me and catches me in his arms. "Good news Lovi, we're done! I finished returning the books. Now I can walk you home," he said, letting me go. He ran to the back to get our bags.

Apart from the tingling feeling I felt when he hugged me; I felt a warmer feeling from him. Literally. At that, my phone vibrated. I opened it to see a message from Antonio. It said:

"Hey, Lovino? Is Gilbert still with you? I was supposed to get my bandages cleaned at the nurse's office when she burst out the door looking for him. Turns out he was running a high fever since lunch. If he's still with you, please get him home safely! Be careful, to you too! :D"

That idiot was sick? But he still had the nerve to get up and look for me. He's such an asshole. Why'd he have to look for me when he's sick? Does he not care about his well-being? I can't believe I doubted his feelings for me. He cares about me more than himself.

It's been like, 20 minutes from when he went to get our bags. Worried, I shit you not, I found him sprawled on the floor, a meter away from where I was standing earlier. I run up to him, and shake him on his shoulders. "Oi, Gilbert? Wake up, bastardo!" I yell at him. Shit, he DOES have a fever. Droplets of sweat were dripping from his forehead to the carpeted floor.

"Shit, get up! Don't you even dare die on me, you hear?!" I tell him. After a minute or so, he slowly opened his eyes and looked up at me. I had placed his head on my lap, so he could be comfortable. "Oh, h-hey Lovi. *cough cough* Oh shit, did I pass out? That is so unawesome of me..." he asked in a low, coarse voice.

"Shh...Shut up for one second, will you? You knew you were sick! You didn't have to pick me up, you know!" I tell him, hot tears rolling down my cheeks. He notices them, so he moves his hands to wipe them away. "I promised you, didn't I?" he says, his hands limping away from fatigue. "Besides, the awesome me can never get sick!" he said, and a coughing fit followed.

"You ass, you don't have to act cool all the time, especially not in front of me. Look at you! You're sweating, like a melting snowman at the beach!" I say, trying to cheer him up a bit. With the last of his strength, he turns my head to face him, and stares deep into my eyes, "Some people are worth melting for," he said, and gently pressed his chapped but still really soft lips onto mine, and pulled away real quick before passing out again.


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